The library is managed by Mrs L Galway .

Opening Times

The library is staffed at the following times.

 Mon & Tue        8.45am - 4.20pm

Wed - Friday      9.20am - 2.30pm

The library is available outwith these times for staff to use with their classes and for senior pupils to use as a quiet study area.

Lunchtime Access

Mon & Tue         1.40pm - 2.05pm

Wed- Friday       12.55am - 1.20pm






The library catalogue can be   found at the following link.

Library Catalogue

The library catalogue lists all the  resources that are held in the library. The catalogue allows you to find out what resources we have in the library about a particular subject, whether we have a book by a particular author or a book with a particular title. The catalogue also allows you to find out if a resource is on loan or not.

What we will do for you....

  • Help you find the information you need from books, the internet or other resources.
  • Help you use the ICT equipment in the LRC.
  • Help you use the Library Catalogue.
  • Provide S6 pupils with a space to study where possible.
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect.

What we expect from you....

  • Be considerate to other LRC users and respect the rights of others to work quietly. Keep noise to a minimum
  • With the exception of bottled water, do not eat or drink in the LRC.
  • While studying in the LRC make sure your personal music player cannot be heard by other people.
  • Observe the rules regarding the use of ICT and make appropriate and resonsible use of ICT equipment.
  • Treat books and other LRC materials with respect and care.
  • Return resources by the due date.

Senior Pupil Book Choice

The Bookmaze lists books that are suitable for your personal study. It you do not know what you are looking for go to the Advanced Search option. This allows you to specify the type of book you are looking for by genre, theme and level(Int 1, 2, Higher or Advanced Higher.

Library Thing:James Hamilton Acadamy list only books for peronal study. You can read reviews by clicking on the title. You can narrow your seacrh by using the tags to search by genre or level.

Highland Council's website allows you to search Higher English books by author, title or theme.

Fiction books are arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s surname

eg the Harry Potter books would be found in the 'R' section of the library because they are written by JK Rowling.

Non-fiction Books (information books) are arranged by the Dewey Decimal System.

The Dewey Decimal splits the library into subject sections and gives each of these subjects a number. The numbers range from 001-999.

e.g. 440 – French language 

Reference Material

This material can be accessed during visits to the library but it must remain in the library at all times.

The librarian is available to help locate resources and offer advice on book selection.

Networked computers

Computers in the library can be used to access the internet or to prepare essays, investigations etc. Computers should be used for school related purposes only, playing games is not permitted.

The careers library is located in the LRC.

Careers information including university and college prospectuses can be found in the library.

Resources in the careers library are colour coded to help pupils find information more easily. Posters explaining the colour coded system are displayed in the library.

Much of the careers material can also be borrowed.

The careers advisors conduct interviews in the careers library. Interviews usually take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Appointments can be made with the careers advisors by placing a interview request card in the careers box. This box is situated in the careers library.

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