Weekly outline

  • General

    The Support for Learning Department is a whole school resource staffed by specialist teachers who have Additional Support Needs qualifications in addition to their teaching specialisation.  The department is based in the Support for Pupils floor of the Administration wing.  We have 2 teachers namely; Elizabeth McTiernan, Principal Teacher, and Patricia Connelly.  Jenny Condie, (Area Network Support Teacher) is based at Uddingston Grammar for 2.5 days per week.

    The Department have 8 Additional Support Needs Assistants (ASNA) who work in class supporting pupils’ learning.  ASNA staff at Uddingston Grammar are; Suzanne Cook, Helen Faith, Angela Hughes, Janine Lawlor, Karen Marshall, Christine Noble, Irena Sutyagina and Louise Walsh.



    The Department is committed to ensuring that appropriate and effective provision is made for young people who have additional support needs leading to barriers to learning.


    The Department is fully committed to raising the standard of attainment of all pupils and to enabling every pupil to achieve his or her full potential. The Department is a whole school resource to staff, pupils and parents, offering assistance where a barrier to learning occurs.

  • Identification of Young People with Barriers to Learning

    Early identification of additional support needs is crucial in determining appropriate and effective interventions.  The Department works closely with Primary staff to ensure that we have a holistic picture of a young person’s needs before the transfer to Uddingston Grammar.  Enhanced transitions may be offered for some young people. 

    The Department has a clear referral system that allows staff to highlight pupils.  The Department has an open door policy whereby pupils are encouraged to seek support and self refer.  This may lead to interventions to ascertain a pupil’s need.  Links to tools for assessment are given below.

    Embedded in everything we do is partnership with young people and parents.  Young people and Parents/Carers are part of the decision making and planning process.  Young people are encouraged to attend annual review meeting alongside Parents/Carers.

    • Support

      The Support for Learning Department has five specific roles:

      1. 1.    Consultancy

      Consultancy can take place in many forms: from simply giving advice to working collaboratively with individuals or departments. Effective learning and teaching strategies may be discussed and developed and suitable resources identified and made available.

      1. 2.   Cooperative teaching

      The Department offers cooperative teaching to work alongside teaching staff to support pupils in subjects across the school.  Direct support can be offered to pupils in class and learning and progress can be monitored.

      1. 3.   Staff development

      The Department contributes to staff development in a variety of ways: through the sharing of insight, experience and resources; the presentation of in-service sessions; offering guidance on materials, equipment and approaches; commenting on guidelines and briefing documents and by disseminating information from courses attended. 

      1. 4.   Individual/Group tuition

      The Department offers tuition for pupils who require extra support to supplement their learning experience.  Literacy Acceleration groups operate in S1 and S2.  In S3 and S4 pupils may to be invited to choose the SFL option.  Pupils will have 2 periods of literacy and numeracy support and take part in the ASDAN Award Scheme.  In some cases individual tuition is offered to support a young persons’ learning. 

      1. 5.   Liaison with other agencies

      The Department work closely with agencies involved in working towards better outcome for our young people.  These include; Psychological Services, Social Work Services, Child and Mental Health Services, Speech and Language Services, Skills Development Scotland and New College Lanarkshire.

      • Nurture

        At Uddingston Grammar we have an established Nurture programme that runs in conjunction with our Primary/Secondary transition programme. The Nurture Room is staffed by trained members of the Support for Learning Department; Elizabeth McTiernan and Patricia Connelly. Nurture allows the identified young people to make secure attachments with staff and therefore have an overall smoother transition to life at Uddingston Grammar.

        To find out more about Secondary Nurture visit this website http://www.nurturegroups.org/

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